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 Bobby St. Vincent - Bobby St. Vincent

Bobby St. Vincent - Bobby St. Vincent When all you have is a guitar and a singular voice with minimal accompaniment, you had better be good. Bobby St.Vincent has no problem rising to the challenge on his self-titled EP.

St. Vincent is a young and effervescent performer. He was more than likely the kind of kid that played guitar in his bedroom until his fingers bleed or his parents told him to go to bed, whichever came first. All of the practice, playing, and singing seems to have paid off in spades for St. Vincent. His voice has a rough Neil Diamond like edge to it, like when Diamond was in his prime…just a voice and a guitar.

This young man follows in the tradition of a long line of poets with guitars. If you have heard Springsteen’s new album you will know why this sound is so popular. Its honest and clear cut, not overproduced, its simple and well thought out with lyrics that actually makes sense. Now how is that for uniqueness? It is funny that I would have to make a statement like that, however I am very challenged most of the time to understand what a vocalist is saying. There was never a problem while listening to the five tracks on this acoustical journey. This is all St. Vincent, well almost; enough to convince you that he has what it takes to make the big time if he keeps going in this direction.

The CD ends in a different way. You always read the thank you’s in the liner notes but on this album, St. Vincent plucks his guitar and dedicates an entire track to it. It gets boring real fast, I shut if off half way through. It was a nice tribute to the people that matter in his life but a bit much for me thank you very much. This does not take away from his performance on the previous tracks whatsoever. Just shut it off like I did and start with track one.

1. Moonshine (4:11)
2. Johnny Boy (3:45)
3. Carolina (3:20)
4. Love Song (2:21)
5. Fancy (5:14)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Acoustic Folk-Pop
Record Label: Acoustic Juice Music

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