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 Robert Symons - Tropicana Steel Pan – Bermuda Volume 3

Robert Symons - Tropicana Steel Pan – Bermuda Volume 3 Are you looking for some music to melt away the stress of the day, the kind that will have you singing just like that morning dove outside your window? I have just the thing, a musical elixir delivered by a magician of the steel pan named Robert Symons.

I had the pleasure of hearing the first two installments of his Tropicana Steel Pan music, now he has Volume 3 all set to go so you can load up all three CDs, turn it up, kick back, and get a sun tan right in your own living room, well, almost. The music certainly does give a beachside view of that island of your dreams with the pink sand and endless shoreline. Imagery is what this music creates and it works very well if you let it.

You will recognize many, if not all of these tunes; I guess that would depend on your age group though. I found myself singing all the words after a few notes, except “Begin The Beguine,” I am not that old. It is quite amazing how Symons coaxes all of these beautiful rhythms and sounds from his steel pan set. A James Taylor classic opens the album, “Handyman,” and it sets the mood just right and puts a warm feeling in your heart. Taylor’s music was always good for those warm fuzzy feelings. I love Lulu’s timeless tune “To Sir With Love,” there is just something about that song that pulls on my heartstrings and I think about the movie with Sydney Poitier. It really is something how the instrumental takes on these songs can stir up so many things in your mind.

Symons has the right approach with this series of releases, take some of the best-known tunes, and make them his own with the help of the steel drums. He gives you a chance to relive all the feelings and emotions that go along with each time tested tune. Breathing some of that tropical way of living into the tunes with some of the most simple and relaxing music there is what the result is of this fine effort accomplishes. Once again, directly from Bermuda, the steel drums will steal you away for a while. Trust me, this music is a wonderful relaxing tool, try it you will like it.

01. Handyman (2:57)
02. To Sir With Love (4:03)
03. What A Wonderful World (2:37)
04. Lady In Red (3:58)
05. Crying (2:49)
06. Slow Hand (4:32)
07. Phantom Medley* Think Of Me/ All I Ask Of You/ Music Of The Night (9:44)
08. Begin The Beguine (7:04)
09. Besame Mucho (4:26)
10. Memory (2:35)
11. Tomorrow (5:13)
12. Stand By Me (5:39)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Easy Listening-Tropical
Record Label: Independent

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