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 Lisa Marie Presley - Now What

Lisa Marie Presley - Now What Lisa Marie Presley says Now What then starts off her new CD with “I’ll Figure It Out,” seemingly making a contradiction of the title right from the outset. I have to admit that I had no idea what to expect with this album but I was pleasantly pleased with entire recording.

Presley lashes out in anger, snarls, and growls, cusses and gets it all of off her chest in “Turbulence,” “Idiot” and “High Enough.” This woman is not trying to pussyfoot around and I do not think she would care to. She obviously went through quite a bit in her young life to get to the point of making a breakthrough album such as this. She wants to express herself in her music, what better way to do it, and with no BS or fluff. I think it is great that she is not afraid to share who she really is, god knows there are enough of phonies running around out there, especially in the world of music and entertainment.

The music is without a doubt aimed at the pop charts however, there is a lot of hard rocking in an alternative punky sort of way that gives this album an edge that is normally unfound in the Top 40 market. Put it this way, it is more like a Green Day atmosphere than a Britney Spears like glossy pop production, which is not the aim here. What you get is some grit and grime from the gutter, a true tenacious hard driving spirit that jugs along throughout this session. Do not get me wrong, the production values are slick, it just has this attitude and sound that I really liked. Presley found some of the best musicians available to work with her, including Pink, so that is the reason this album’s sound is so great. Collaboration from many different parts of the music business must come together and work for something like this to happen, it is obvious it jelled superbly for Presley.

You have to wonder if the band and Presley will be able to duplicate all of this live, I tend to doubt it, as there is a lot of layering and over production, nevertheless it did come out so good that its hard not to enjoy. I have to agree, Now What after this album? It is not going to get much better than this unless she decides to take an entirely different direction with the style of music she records when its time to go back into the studio. While this is a great effort, I do not think that comparisons to her father will ever haunt her, which is a good thing for her sanity. You have to give the lady some credit, she survived some real life issues and came out swingin’ on this album, it kicks ass. She is not the King but she is the King’s daughter by god.

01. I'll Figure It Out
02. Turbulence
03. Thanx
04. Shine (featuring Pink)
05. Dirty Laundry
06. When You Go
07. Idiot
08. High Enough
09. Turn To Black
10. Raven
11. Now What

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Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop-Alternative
Record Label: Capitol

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