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 Ellery - Make Your Troubles Mine

Ellery - Make Your Troubles Mine The husband and wife team of Tasha and Justin Golden are Ellery (formerly Dividing The Plunder). They are an extremely effective duo on their EP Make Your Troubles Mine. This music is an emotional combination of rock-pop with a decidedly alternative slant. Their very tasteful and moving blend of rock catches your ear instantly then sweeps you into another dimension. That is always my goal when I listen to music, my intention is to leave the space I am in and enter an entirely different world for a short time. Good music is a marvelous stress relief valve and Ellery certainly succeeded in making me feel good inside and out.

The musicianship matches up well with the vocals of the Golden’s. The rhythms of the sound they create along with Tasha’s relaxed mesmerizing vocals, makes for hook filled compositions that linger in your mind hours after the CD is over. The music is outstanding on this EP and the lyrics are quite good as well. Each song is meaningful and has a purpose. Those two factors really have you reflecting upon the entire package on this tasteful rock-pop stopover. The Golden’s say Make Your Troubles Mine for a while with their new release, and that is exactly what happens for nearly 22 minutes of your day.

1. Anna (3:34)
2. Be Like This (3:22)
3. Arizona (3:53)
4. Long Coat On (3:39)
5. You'll Get Through It (4:03)
6. Know Better Now (4:11)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: Set Adult Music

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