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E.S. Posthumus - Unearthed (CD)
Eagles - Farwell Tour I-Live From Melbourne (DVD)
Earthen Vessel - Everlasting Life (1971/1999) (LP)
Ebony & Ivory - Red Hot (CD)
Edible Red - Self-Titled (CD)
Electric Light Orchestra - No Answer (1972), ELO II (1973), On The Third Day (1973), Face The Music (1975), A New World Record (CD)
Electric Light Orchestra - The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra (CD)
Electric Prunes - Artifact (CD)
Electric Prunes - California (CD)
Electric Prunes - Feedback (CD)
Electric Prunes - Rewired-Live In Concert (October 2002) (DVD)
Electron Love Theory - Colors Of The Galaxy (CD)
Elfonía - This Sonic Landscape (CD)
Ellery - Make Your Troubles Mine (CD)
Emilie Autumn - Enchant (CD)
Enchant - Blink Of An Eye (CD)
Enchant - Tug Of War (CD)
Endgames - Daybreak To Sunset (CD)
Enigma - Love, Sensuality, and Devotion-The Remix Collection (CD)
Epigene - Popular Dissent (CD)
Evergrey - Recreation Day (CD)
Evergrey - The Inner Circle (CD)
Explorer’s Club - Raising The Mammoth (CD)
Eye Talk - Sun And Moon (CD)
Eystone - Up For Air (CD)
Joan Enguita - Two Suitcases (CD)
Keith Emerson and The Nice - Vivacitas-Live At Glasgow 2002 (3 CDs) (CD)
Kellylee Evans - Fight or Flight? (CD)
Mare Edstrom - Inside The Blues (CD)
Melissa Ellen - Forward Into The Past (CD)
The Edgar Winter Group - They Only Come Out At Night (SACD)
Thomas Earl - Golddust Magic (CD)
Tinsley Ellis - The Hard Way (CD)
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