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Al Basile - Blue Ink (CD)
B.B. King - Ralph Gleason’s Jazz Casual-King of The Blues (DVD)
B.B. King - The Ultimate Collection (CD)
Bakerloo - Bakerloo (1969/2003) (LP)
BB King - Made In Mississippi- Blues Kingpins Series (CD)
Beats The Hell Out Of Me - Revising History (CD)
Bebek - Bebek (CD)
Beggarz - Days Come Easy (CD)
Beth Champion Mason - Rock, Christian, Pop (CD)
Big Leg Emma - The Color of Wind (CD)
Big Star - In Space (CD)
Bill Evans Trio - Consecration (8 Disc Boxed Set) (CD)
Billi & Patti - Love (CD)
Bird Mancini - Year of Change (CD)
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Story Volume 1 & 2 (DVD)
Black Sabbath - Never Say Die (DVD)
Black Sabbath - Past Lives (2 CD Set) (CD)
Blackmore’s Night - Beyond The Sunset (Cd/dvd)
Blackmore’s Night - Castles & Dreams (DVD)
Blackmore’s Night - Ghost of a Rose (CD)
Blackmore’s Night - The Village Lanterne (Special Limited Edition) (CD)
Blackmore’s Night - Winter Carols (CD)
Blameshift - Drop Down (CD)
Blondie - Greatest Hits (CD)
Blondie - The Curse Of Blondie (Enhanced) (CD)
Blue Oyster Cult - A Long Day’s Night (DVD)
Blue Rodeo - Palace of Gold (CD)
Blue Öyster Cult - A Long Days Night (Recorded Live at Navy Pier/Skyline Stage, Chicago, IL on June 21, 2002) (CD)
Bluebone - Bluebone / Live @ Cape May (CD)
Bluessmyth - Bluessmyth (CD)
Bobby Fuller Drive - Breakin Rocks (CD)
Bobby St. Vincent - Bobby St. Vincent (CD)
Bodkin - Self-Titled (CD)
Booker T. & The MG’s - Soul Men (CD)
Boss Martians - The Set-Up (CD)
Bourgeois Gypsies - Blue Morning (CD)
Box Of Poems - Gemini (CD)
Boz Scaggs - Greatest Hits Live (DVD)
Brian Linne Band - Uniqueness In Me (CD)
Broken Ness - ICU In Dandylions (CD)
Brookfield - …Maybe This Time (CD)
Buddy Rich and His Band - Channel One Suite (DVD)
Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw (DVD)
Chelsie Boyd - Enter In (CD)
Clarence Bucaro - Sweet Corn (CD)
Craig Bartock - The Finer Points Of Instinct (CD)
Dave Brubeck - Ralph Gleason’s Jazz Casual (1962/2002) (DVD)
David Bowie - Best Of Bowie (CD)
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs-30th Anniversary 2CD Edition (CD)
David Bowie - Outside (CD)
David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars - Inside Bowie and the Spiders - An Independent Critical Review (DVD/Book Set)
Eric Baines - Reinvention (CD)
George Benson - The Greatest Hits of All (CD)
Hill Briggs - Solo Album (CD)
Jack Blades - Self-Titled (CD)
Jack Bruce - More Jack Than God (CD)
Jackson Browne - Running On Empty (Cd/dvd)
Jonah Burnstein - Rough Demos (CD)
Julius Bragg - Transceiver (CD)
Karli Bonne’ - Angel Without Wings (CD)
Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love (CD)
Kellee Bradley - Waiting (CD)
Marc Bolan and T. Rex - Born To Boogie (Cd/dvd)
Mark Brine - For Karrie (CD)
Michael Barclay - Blue Eyed Blues (CD)
Norine Braun - Now & Zen (CD)
Sandra Bazzarelli - Kindle (CD)
Shauna Burns - Desert Tune (CD)
Solomon Burke - Make Do With What You Got (CD)
Susan Barth - Wonderland (CD)
Syd Barrett - Under Review (Limited Collector’s Edition) (DVD)
Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan - Nine Short Films (CD)
Terry Brooks and Strange - Rock The World (Recorded Live in Orlando, Florida-1980) (LP)
The Beach Boys - Classic Selected By Brian Wilson (CD)
The Bears - Live At The Club Cafe (DVD)
The Beatles - Abbey Road (CD)
The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) (LP)
The Beatles - The Journey (Cd/dvd)
Tomas Bodin - Pinup Guru (CD)
Tommy Bolin - Whips And Roses (CD)
Wade O. Brown - All Night, All Love (CD)
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