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Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session (1999/2003) (Sacd)
Alison Krause and Union Station - Alison Krause + Union Station Live (DVD)
Amy Kuney - EP (CD)
Arden Kaywin - Quarter Life Crisis (CD)
Charles King & Laura Lockie - The Second Half (CD)
Damian Knapp - Will You Cry When I Die? (CD)
Dennis Kyne - I’m Not Resisting (CD)
Eric Kamen - Eric 2.0 (CD)
Eric Kamen (a.k.a. E) - Native Unit (CD)
Kaipa - Keyholder (CD)
Kaipa - Notes From The Past (CD)
Kamelot - Epica (CD)
Kansas - Device, Voice, Drum (DVD)
Kansas - Kansas-Kansas / Song For America (CD)
Kansas - PROTO-KAW-Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-1973 (CD)
Kansas - The 30th Anniversary Collection (CD)
Kansas - Works In Progress (Cd/dvd)
Karnataka - In Concert (DVD)
Karnataka - Strange Behaviour (CD)
Keith Tippett Group - Dedicated to You, But You Weren't Listening (1971/2003) (LP)
Kenny G - The Essential Kenny G (CD)
Kieskagato - You, Are The One, We Can (CD)
Kilgore Trout - Novocain (CD)
Killing Floor - Self-Titled (1970/2002) (LP)
Kim Char Meredith - Give and Take (CD)
Kimmy & Klasse - The Love of Music (CD)
King Crimson - Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With (CD)
King Crimson - The Power To Believe (CD)
King Crimson - THRAK: 30th Anniversary Edition (2002/1995) 24 Bit-Remaster (CD)
Kingbathmat - Fantastic Freak Show Carnival (CD)
Kings X - Black Like Sunday (CD)
Kitra - Not Just Lucky (CD)
Krescent 4 - Self-Titled (CD)
Maggie Kim - Lesson 1.5 (EP) (CD)
Mike Kaplan Nonet - How’s That? (CD)
Steve Kopandy - Scripted (CD)
The Kinks - Everybody’s In Show-Biz (1972/2003) (CD)
The Kinks - Low Budget (1979/2003) (CD)
The Knights - In Progression (CD)
The Knights - King Richard's Red Hot New Mexican Chile Stew – Art (CD)
Tom Kafafian - In Through The Outside (CD)
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